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I cannot explain in human words how amazing this lotion feels. It does not cause me to break out and I use it at night and in the morning before applying makeup. I have tried a few other Rising Phoenixx products and I have to say I have been impressed every time. Everything is so gentle on my super sensitive skin and I love that. The light lotion and sugar scrub are my daily skin care routine and my skin has never been better. Nicole

Williston Park, NY

I like that the body creme is thick, but not greasy. It’s actually silky like I just put on powder. Even after I was my hands I still feel the softness, my hands don’t get dry. I purposely waited until I got to work to put on creme because I knew I had this jar here. I left the gym all unmoisturized because it’s just a waste to put on other body creme. Deltrese

New York, NY

That body creme WORKS! I usually use baby oil after I shower at the gym, but then I smell like baby oil! Even then I mix it with a lotion, so I get the softness from the lotion and the deeper moisture from the baby oil, but it makes a mess sometimes and I am always worried one or the other will leak in my gym bag. That creme is thiiiick and it’s really moisturizing. I don’t have to mix products or carry two bottles in my bag. I am not even stressed that the cover will come loose. I know it won’t and it’s too thick to spill anyway! Alex

Cherry Hill, NJ

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